Too Much Sleep, Not Good For Your Health

- April 9th, 2019- Health

Nowadays many of us have too busy schedule to sleep at least seven hours per night, as it is recommended by medical professionals.

You probably know that lack of sleep can cause too much problems in your body.

However oversleeping on a regular basis may be as harmful as depriving sleep.

Scientists from the Seoul National University College of Medicine analyzed data of the HEXA study, which involved information about medical and family history, consumption of medicines, lifestyle factors and diet of more than 133 000 men and women from 40 to 69 years old.

Participants were asked about their sleep duration, including night sleep and daytime naps.

In addition to this, medical experts performed physical examination of the members and took their samples of blood plasma, cells, serum, DNA, urine.

Results found that both insufficient sleep (less than six hours) and prolonged sleep (more than ten hours) a day have a close link with developing metabolic syndrome.

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In this condition, people have three or more of these signs:

#1. “Central” obesity, when people accumulate fat around the waistline

#2. High levels of specific blood fats called triglycerides

#3. Decreased amounts of “good” HDL cholesterol

#4. Elevated fasting blood glucose levels

#5. High blood pressure

Women, who slept less than six hours on daily basis, were found to have more belly fat and bigger size of the waist than those who spend 6-7 hours a day sleeping.

At the same time, men with inadequate sleep had high risks not only for larger waist circumference, but also for metabolic syndrome.

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It was also found that sleeping as much as you can is also a bad idea.

Hence, men, who reported sleep duration over than ten hours per day, were more likely to have metabolic syndrome and high triglyceride levels in the blood.

Sleepyhead women had also high risks of metabolic syndrome and elevated triglycerides like men had. But they had some additional problems such as high blood glucose, too low “good” cholesterol and increased waist size.

In general, nearly 29% of men and 24.5% of women, who participated in the study, suffered from metabolic syndrome.

Among all members, 11% of men and 13% of women slept too few, while 1.7% of women and 1.5% of men slept too much regularly.

This cross-sectional research has certain limitations, as no objective measurements were involved, and results were actually based on self-reported information.

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