Facebook sues Multi Chinese Based Companies For Selling Fake Accounts

- March 13th, 2019- Communication & Technology

Facebook and Instagram have sued four China-based companies for promoting the sale of fake accounts, likes, and followers.

The measures arrive in light of the constant criticism faced by the social networking giants for not curbing the menace of fake accounts and misinformation on the platform.

In its official blog, Facebook revealed that the companies engaged in the fraud with respect to other online companies as well, including Amazon, Google, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

According to the Facebook lawsuit filed in a US federal court, these firms and people did the same on Amazon, Apple, Google, LinkedIn and Twitter.

We’re also enforcing our rights under US intellectual property law for their illegal use of our trademarks and brand,” Paul Grewal, Vice President and Deputy General Counsel, Litigation at Facebook, said in a statement on Friday.

“By filing the lawsuit, we hope to reinforce that this kind of fraudulent activity is not tolerated – and that we’ll act forcefully to protect the integrity of our platform.”

Facebook has came under intense scrutiny over the use of private data and the impact of harmful content on its 2.7 billion monthly users, with governments around the world questioning the company’s policies.

Friday’s lawsuit, which alleges multiple violations of US trademark law, is one way the company is fighting back against commercial exploitation of its social networks.

Using artificial intelligence to detect fake accounts, Facebook and Instagram disabled 2.1 billion inauthentic accounts from January 2018 through September, “often within minutes of the accounts’ creation,” according to the complaint.

The companies named as defendants — 9 Xiu Shenzhen, 9 Xiu Feishu, 9 Xiufei and Home Network – are based in Longyan and Shenzhen.

They are affiliated manufacturers of electronics and hardware, as well as providers of software and online advertising services, according to the complaint.

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