The Cheapest Data Bundle For Browsing The Internet

- March 12th, 2019- Communication & Technology

Browsing the internet at a more cheaper rate is more convenience and comfortable. Sincerely, it has been one of the major issue every single Nigerian is facing currently; Data Plan/ bundle

Airtel, MTN, GLO has decided to increase their data bundle plan by introducing a new format and mode that allows you to buy normal monthly data bundle plan for your device but they have incorporated both Day and Night into it.

For instance, formerly with 3500 on Airtel you have 9GB but later on, it was reduced to 7GB .

Right now you can budget N3500 for your monthly data and Airtel 3500 gives you 6.5GB (5.5GB usable during the day and 1GB usable during the Night from 12am – 5am).

Many aren’t familiar with that, am not happy about it.

So today, We would be picking the best cheapest data bundle plan for your devices, gadgets such as Android Smartphone, Laptops, iPhones, Desktop, Modem etc.

MTN Double Data

On MTN, you might have come across the Double Data Offer, which multiplies your data by 100%.

For instance, if you subscribe to 5GB monthly plan, you will receive free 5GB accumulating it to 10GB monthly plan and it doesn’t zap unusually.

It is supposed to be available to all MTN SIM card but the Mobile telecom is better-off making it ineligible for most sim.

If your SIM is not eligible don’t worry, there is a solution. Follow the below procedure;

> Send PROMO via sms to 131 > A message like this “thank you for your request for device bundle at naira 1/day” > will arrive, don’t worry > Reply with 1 and then choose any MTN data plan below and subscribe.

MTN 2.5GB + 1GB for N2,000

You can also check out the 2.5GB + 1GB for N2,000, among many others, I’d figure out that this is the best data bundle plan for all device. This is only for MTN subscribers.

If you are interested, then you can activate it by Texting “110” to 131 but on the other hand, you can go ahead and check other MTN Data Bundle Plan for yourself.

Airtel Double Data

I am still rocking this on my two Airtel Sim including my siblings too but however, it is not eligible on all Airtel Sim cards.

Few of my friends are not eligible and unlike MTN, there is no tweak to make them eligible.

You can get a new sim card to check it out but hoping on whether it will work is 50/50.

The Airtel Double Data bonus gives you back 100% of your subscribed data as bonus, e.g subscribe to 5GB on Airtel, you will received extra 5GB making it 10GB of data for a month.

You can get new Airtel sim card to check for yourself.

To test if your sim is eligible then you can dial *144#. You will receive a message like;
“Enjoy Airtel 100% double Data
3GB for N1000
10GB for N2500”

But most times, it doesn’t show that, so you might be forced to test it out for yourself by subscribing to a more lower data plan to check if the SIM is eligible for the double data

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