Reasons Why BBNaija Show Is Been Delayed

- May 2nd, 2019- BBNaija

Reality TV show Big Brother Nigeria, simply called BBNaija is conventionally the most anticipated programme in the country at the moment and the biggest event after the 2019 presidential elections which took place in February.

Nigerians were sheer excited when the organizers of the show announced to their delight last February that BBNaija 2019 edition would come alive in their various TV screens. Kicking off with a reunion party of the ex-house-mates even kept the viewers hopes alive as they all expected the show to start proper immediately after the reunion. Unfortunately, it wasn’t to be.

A deafening silence has surrounded the expected show and overtaken the buzz that was once in the air. In fact, the organizers have suddenly maintained dead silence since after the BBNaija reunion which was scheduled to end on March 31st. A check on the social handles shows the last activity to be weeks ago. Too bad right??

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Now the big question on the lips of many Nigerians is, has Big Brother Naija 2019 been cancelled?

Of course, particularly in Nigeria, rumours fly truly quick. Wherever there’s correspondence hole, rumuor mongers produce only anything to fill the space.

By and by, there’s talk that the show has been dropped. Nonetheless, we can’t take away the relevance of the saying that in every rumour there is always an atom of truth though a particular fan page has come up to claim that “It’s just a temporary delay caused by a few factors.”

Why the Big Brother Naija 2019 Start Date is Delayed

A few months back, there was a briefing that the show will be suspended because of the general elections. Its now over a month plus after the show ended and the show is yet to come alive.

Aside competing for attention, the organizers were said to be planning against any unforeseen reactions that may come up due to the election. However, weeks after the election, there’s still no announcement of the starting date.

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According to the BBNaija fan page they are yet to get a viable infomation as to why the show is yet to kick off.

After all attempts to get official statements on the delay proved futile, we went ahead to get just any reasonable info, they said in their website.

According to an unreliable source, the reason for the delay may be because of the failure to meet construction schedules of the new Big Brother Naija House in Nigeria.

According to another source, the building was projected to be ready long before now. But unfortunately, the technical features could not be certified all set.

However, they claim work is in full gear, and we hope everything will be in place soonest.

BBNaija 2019 Start Date

Generally (the previous 2 seasons), Big Brother Naija hit the screen in January. Be that as it may, the maiden season was launched in March.

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Additionally, the occasion legitimately begins somewhere in the range of one and two months after the audition. Recall that the 2019 audition was held in February.

When is Big Brother Naija 2019 Starting?

The coordinators guaranteed their fans amid the auditions to expect the show after the election season. In fact, in Nigeria elections go past the times of casting a ballot. It broadens nearly till May 29. Or on the other hand after the inaugurations. The truth of the matter is, Nigeria is a delicate state where the scarcest political incitement could winding into a noteworthy crisis.

The sad truth of the matter is that there is not specific date yet, but lets all be hopeful that the official announcement will be made in no distant time. We hope it comes not later than May.

What are your thoughts? Feel free to eave your reactions in the comments section.

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