Nigerian Cuisines; Different Food Systems In Nigeria

- April 4th, 2019- Health

Nigerian cuisines are largely dependent on the kind foods, animals and plants that are available to different Nigerian regions. The country is the largest in African, with over one hundred and fifty million citizens as well as six hundred-plus ethnic groups.

These high number of ethnic groups and citizens are one of the major factor to consider when you talk about cuisines from Nigeria.

Nigerian cuisines includes a meal of cereals, legumes, dairy, vegetables, meat, pastas, noodles, and then lots of edible fruits.

The foods eaten in Nigeria vary as you move from the north to the southern part of Nigeria.

Nigerian Dish

The northerners are mostly into farming and cattle rearing , they depends largely on agriculture and livestock product.

This is why Hausa cuisines are often composed of farm products, meats and different kinds of fruits.

You cannot say the same about people from the River-sides who are into fish farming, these people depend mostly on sea foods, that is where you find different Nigerian fish recipes.

This is not also the case when you move down the eastern part of the country; the people of Eastern Nigeria are mostly hunters and cassava farmers, they depend mostly on agricultural products and Bush meat.

Puff puff

People from this part of the country, have been able to combine different farm products that are available to them and animals/fruits – that are often imported from the north – to make create different kind of recipes.

Most Nigerian foods you find on the internet likely originated from the east, south or the western part of Nigeria, very little have been said of Hausa Foods.

(Hausa is one of the largest ethnic group in Nigeria; they are the major occupant of the northern region).

However, over the years, the people of Nigeria have (through trade and other means) exchanged foods and different products found in different regions to enable them create tasty cuisines, that is why we have thousands of different Nigerian cuisines.

If you have been to any Nigerian restaurant whether outside or inside Nigeria you will definitely have a hard time making a choice

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