- April 21st, 2019- JODA



Myself and Binta had a heated argument which almost led to a fight, after then we stopped speaking to each other,it started the day she finally came over and I told her of the incident with Kuria, Kuria has been calling me that Even made me block him on My phone………”I cheated on Denis and the guilt is really killing me Binta, and i initiated the whole thing at first, I wish it can go away..it was unfair to Denis who was always faithful to me and never cheated, I felt so bad about that……..”

……..”Hold on…just hold on… You actually had sex with another Man, mmmh, I was even thinking you will never allow another Man close to you, any man that is not Denis is not Man enough… Cheating is wrong but I’m happy you did it, I’m so happy you are breaking free from Denis grip, stop feeling guilty do you know how many women he might has slept with, he is not what you think he is.. Ooh so happy for the guy that got your heart, hope he isn’t like Denis, who is this lucky Man, is he as fine as Kuria, ooh Kuria..that Guy is fine and creative, do you see his place that day, and his food was good James also love it, I forgot to tell you I stopped by to thank him he wasn’t as cheerful as he use to be, he asked of you and I told him I haven’t seen you yet, he wanted to say something else but stopped and flashed me a fake smile, I knew something was bothering him but he refused to say, I thought it got something to do with you..but it can’t be, Kuria is the cutest Man alive plus My James minus your Denis, I’m joking o, your Denis is okay too but not like Kuria, maybe Kuria was having low sales that day… but there were lots of customers around as usual, maybe it was just a bad day for him, I even asked him and he said he was good, I should extend his greetings to you.. So i asked him when he will he making another trequi, he said that……..”

“Binta just shut up for once, Gosh!!! I’m telling you about an important issue and you are joking with it..be serious for once please, you talk too much.. You are diverting from the issue at hand… I didn’t lay with any man.. It was only a kiss.. We kissed… And the man was Kuria… After you left us.. You shouldn’t have Left us alone that day..I felt stupid for doing that… I even slapped him out of guilt.. I regretted everything Binta, I felt really bad for having feelings for another man, which led to a kiss..it was really crazy………”


” yes…….you are obviously crazy Joda.. Oh My God, you kissed Kuria… Oh baby girl you have finally made me proud.. Although I wish it would have been More… But was it just the small kiss that’s making you feel guilty… You are not serious… I actually thought you really cheated on Denis, My Joy would have been full, why do you have to slap that nice young man, you shouldn’t have hit him because according to you, you initiated the thing, your feelings for him is mutual, he obviously has feelings for you too, now everything makes sense, it was because of you he was feeling sad that day…I see, but Kuria obviously loves you right from that first day we saw him, if you can remember I told you that day, I’m becoming a seer, call me prophetess Binta, because I saw this coming, so because you wanted me to babysit you that day, I should cut off My outing with my man, no way, your feelings are Strong For Kuria, nurture it and you won’t regret it, listen to a prophetess like me…. if you want a fairy tale life go with Kuria but Denis will make you hate men… Break free from him now is not late… Joda seriously Denis is not the man for you, that man at the vegetable store is, Kuria is intelligent and hardworking, look at what he did with his place, what can Denis boast off, he can only boast with your money… I don’t like him…I keep saying that and I’m not sorry………..”

“You are a talkative, you only know how to talk rubbish, did Kuria pay you to talk me into giving him a chance, you and Kuria are crazy, if you don’t stop this your crazy attitude of hating Denis I will have no choice than to put you a side like he said, he said you are jealous and I’m beginning to see reasons with him, you have your James who works his ass off every day so that you can have your dream wedding and home, you silently wish James has everything that Denis had, well life is obviously unfair to you, your James has only one car which he has being using for years now and you have been with him for so Long, you only learnt driving last year and I allow you to drive one of my cars, why are you still with James is there no fine or Rich man to date aside James maybe with a better Man in your life you will stop hating my Denis, and by the way, why don’t you date Kuria, the way you hype him why not go to him, he is quiet better than James, ohh..you thought I don’t know how to throw hate speech too, you thought I don’t have things to hate about James but I allow you be because you both love each other which is most important why not be happy for me too, why do you keep hating Denis, look at Vanessa we aren’t so close but she likes Denis, she’s always around him happy, Denis likes her too that was why he chose her to be my chief brides maid in place of you, you are just a hateful human being, I hate you when you hate My Denis, My husband to be………

“You sound so pathetic Joda, I thought I was the talkative but here you are holding a record in sounding so broken, talk about James all you want, that man is hard working, and all we need is to gather enough money to have a beautiful home not wedding, My wedding will be on low key, is after the wedding that the real marriage starts, not a Big wedding, Kuria is into you not me, how much can he possibly pay me, I didn’t ask you to have feelings for him or kiss him, you hate to hear about him because he makes your heart Skip just mentioning his name, just admit it, I love James because he is a good person, he works for his money unlike Denis who squanders and spends your father’s hard earned money the way he likes, well…I will talk less on that before you ask me if is My father’s money he is spending, another point you made, Vanessa is not me and I’m not Vanessa, don’t compare us, you just hate the Truth, Denis is very stupid for saying I’m jealous of you, I know you for years now even before you started dating him, what exactly should I really be jealous off, is it Denis or your money, you, Denis and Vanessa are crazy, I hate him because he is a gold digger… He doesn’t deserve you Joda, Denis is into you because of your money… I hate to see him manipulate you the way he does, go and tell him I said he is a big fool…he……….


Just as she was about to say another thing I raised My hand to slap her but she was too fast and held My hand,

“Hahaha…I must have hit you at the right spot hunh?.. Don’t ever raise a hand on me again or I will break your fingers, or have you forgotten I went to Karate school… Hahaha…don’t mind me, I’m only joking, but don’t raise a hand on me because I will be forced to hit you back, i take violence of any kind very serious, I’m not Kuria, if you slap me Joda I will slap you back, what is wrong with you, I wish you have all thes actions when it comes to Denis, have you ever raised a finger on him before no matter what he does, the answer is obviously a no, you can’t do that with him but you freely swing your hands freely on people’s faces, why not try it with your Denis, let me be going before you break My Head, but I’m a phone call away, if you ever need me please don’t fail to call and I will come running, you are still my friend and will always be, I can’t advise you wrongly Joda, I’m only looking out for your good and I Hope and pray you understand that someday… Bye for now, don’t fail to call if you need me around.


Its been three weeks and I never bothered to call her and she never bothered to call too, she is a bad vibes around me and I don’t need such, everything is set for the wedding, I have gotten My wedding gown, Vanessa is mostly around, all the ladies are set,everything is set, invitation is all sent out, its definitely going to be a big wedding, Denis is obviously happy just like me, I’m getting married to the love of My life next week, this week is so slow, I wish it can run faster…………..One of my girls came back from the market and said she saw Binta and James at Kuria’s store, three of them were talking and she asked her about me and she told them I was fine.

After telling me that I felt like calling Binta to come around, I missed her and her talk, but she will come and start talking about how she hates Denis, I don’t need anything negative now, Vanessa and others are doing great keeping me entertained but it can never be as Binta,
I’m looking forward to My day, my big day next week I just hope Binta will be there, all that matters to me is that I’m happy, but not so happy like i have wanted to be, something is missing out somewhere, what could that be, i just hope this is a right decision so that I can prove Binta wrong. Hope I’m not making a mistake, God please help me, I need all the help from you, I need My heart to be at peace, or its probably the tension from the whole wedding thing but I’m feeling empty.

At this stage, what will ur advice to JODA be??


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