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As we stepped into the house, Kuria’s place was so beautiful, the architecture work was so fine, everything in the house was creative, I use to think my house is beautiful until i stepped into Kuria’s place, even Binta was amazed at the beauty,….”your place is so fine Kuria, I’m serious…no joke this time, because even when I’m sounding serious Joda takes it for a joke, she can’t even differentiate when I’m joking and when I’m serious,but everything here is so creative, who designed it for you?………”thank you Binta…i did all the decoration, aside my vegetable business I’m also into interior decorations and designs, so this place was done by me…

Me and Binta both exploded with “wow” at same time. The guy is really good, you needed to see his place, I fell in love with the decorations and i asked him if he can do something like that in my place, I also told him I will pay any amount he bills me, he objected for sometime, I insisted with a plead, he later agreed to do that, I was happy, we exchanged numbers, I will call him once i speak with Denis about it,

“joda, your house will soon change look with the touch from Kuria, but me…mmmh, once me and James get married I will talk to James about decorating our place too, I can’t be left behind in the house deco thing, Kuria…you are really strange, your place is creative, haven’t seen anything like this, your name is strange, haven’t heard any name like that before and even your food is strange, trequi, have never heard of such, your second name should be called “strange man” anyway…i can’t wait to taste your food before going to meet my James, who is already waiting for me, I just said I must not miss the trequi…

I shook my head for Binta who kept on talking, non stop, Kuria was only smiling as she babbled, he took us to the back yard sit out which was also outstanding, he served us the trequi, which looks and smells great, it smells like mint, when i tasted it was okay too, Binta’s phone was ringing non stop, she kept on ignoring the call as she enjoyed her food, I ate so slow with the fear it won’t have a side effect on me, because my stomach easily breaks loose, we talked as we all ate, Binta of course was the talkative in our midst and Kuria was enjoying the whole attention she pours on him, he sometimes looks at me in a way that makes me smile, he was fun to be with, after sometime Binta stood up;


“I got to run Joda, James will be so angry if i don’t see him again today, we actually planned to see today, he has been calling me, but relax and enjoy your trequi, Kuria obviously doesn’t bite, he is a perfect gentleman, he will keep you company, I’m not sure of coming back today but i know you will be fine, I texted James to come and pick me and he is almost here, thanks so much Kuria, please can i have one more plate of trequi for James…thank you. Joda feel free and be good…don’t miss me OK”

Kuria gave Binta a pack which contained two plates of the food, she thanked him again. Before sticking out her tongue to me, and stormed out, Kuria followed her, so that she won’t get lost inside the house, after seeing her off, he returned and sat opposite me, I also told him I was going, I couldn’t stand his gaze any more, it was burning through my spine, he pleaded with me to stay a little while before leaving, is not like i really wanted to leave but Binta who was always talking on my behalf is gone, the environment was calm and i didn’t know what to talk about again, I started wishing Binta has stayed, kuria later packed the plates to go and wash, I needed to do something so i asked him if i can be drying the dishes while he wash, he quickly agreed, so we did the dishes together, and i put it away accordingly, he was done washing and wanted to assist me in clearing up the table, as his hand touched my arm probably by mistake I felt like i melted inside, my heart double skipped and i heard this sensational feeling down my stomach, like a butterfly, we later got quiet, as we have been talking, him most especially, trying to keep me company, the cold kitchen became hot for me, I was so uncomfortable, I couldn’t tell exactly how i felt, he noticed and asked if i was okay, I told him i wasn’t feeling too good, maybe the trequi was taking effect, he laughed, I asked him where his toilet was he showed me and i quickly went in, it looks so comfortable in there, I wasn’t doing anything but just sat there, my emotions were building so dangerously fast around kuria, and he was obviously careful so that he won’t offend me, I sat there for sometime telling myself how stupid i was, “how can i even think of having feelings for another man when I’m getting married soon to Denis, the man i claim to love.


I hated myself for feeling the way i was feeling, I was still in my sad thoughts when kuria called me from outside the toilet if i was okay, I replied with affirmative, I told him i was good, I later came out, and told him i will be on my way, I thanked him for the food and entertainment, he asked me to come around sometime, and i promised i will, he walked me to the door, as i tried to open the door he held my hand with the door knob, he gently turned my face to him still holding my hand, I faced him, he was really cool to be with but only what i was looking at was his eyes and watched as his lips moved, my mind was occupied with silent prayer, my emotions where still running wild, I could have taken my hands from him but I was enjoying the moment,

“I enjoyed your company Joda, but you were cold after your friend left, I just want to ask again if you are alright”?……..I managed to smile before saying i was fine, at that moment it was as if something got into me and I gently kissed his lips, and as if he has beem wanting to do that but don’t know how to, as i tried to part lips he held onto me as if his life depends on it and kissed me so passionately,

Denis was totally forgotten at that moment, the only thing i can think of was the beautiful moment with kuria, i didn’t want it to end, but i realized myself, I quickly loosened myself from his grip, ………..”what just happened to me, this were the thoughts running through my mind as i stepped back from Kuria, who tried to apologize, as he tried to hold me again i slapped him, which i quickly regretted it, he held his cheek in shook, he tried to apologize again despite the slap i stormed out and ran to my car, he was after me begging me to stop and kept on saying he was so sorry………..I started the car and zoomed off, I watched him from my side mirror, he was standing at same spot holding his head in his two hands.

I got home as quickly as possible and Denis wasn’t back, I Was feeling and smelling of guilt, it wasn’t Kuria’s fault but me, I just needed someone to pass the blame to, I really wanted the kiss, i have imagined it right in his kitchen, when only his smell and face filled my mind, I have wanted it before I ran into his toilet to see if the feeling will go away, I slapped him because of guilt, I felt guilty for having feeling for another man, which led to a kiss I have so much expected, the truth was bitter in my mind but right there in my room I felt i have cheated on Denis for allowing a kiss with Kuria, how can i even face Denis, I may even confess my sins to him because i felt so bad, I tried to call him, I really need him home, I was sounding so uneasy as he picked and asked if everything was okay I told him “no everything wasn’t fine i needed to tell him something, he said he was on his way already before i even called.

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I was pacing the house, I needed to confess to Denis of the kiss with kuria, it was unfair to him, he has never cheated on me and he will never do that why should i do that to him, kissing and allowing my feelings to store up for kuria was enough cheating and i planned on telling it all to Denis, I will confess and beg him to forgive me. He drove in and Vanessa was with him, they didn’t come down immediately from the car, I watched from my room window, and saw him kiss Vanessa in the car before stepping down, my eyes grew big, my mouth parted ways and i swallowed hard, I forgot everything i wanted to confess at that moment, maybe i was mistaking something, it wasn’t a kiss maybe I’m going crazy, but Denis can’t possibly kiss Vanessa who is supposed to be my Chief brides maid, my friend, Denis can’t cheat on me i totally trusted him that was more reason i felt guilty, he can’t cheat on me, no way, that’s not even possible, not with Vanessa or anybody maybe i didn’t see right, something must have clouded my vision.

As they both came up and asked me what happened, I forgot about my confession and said i just needed him home that’s all, they both laughed and everything about confessing was forgotten, but guilt was still eating me up, maybe i will tell Binta if she comes around tomorrow, Vanessa was all lively and friendly and wanted to be where Denis was, although I don’t trust her but i trust my Denis.


Hmmmmmmmmmm, let’s just keep watching

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