Why Do Bad Girls Marry Before The Good Girls?!

- March 13th, 2019- Relationship

Sometimes you’ve wondered why bad people get good things, or you know someone who is a bad girl and got married before a good girl.

Being a well-behaved, homely good girl is not enough to attract the man of your dreams. Good girls or bad girls, good guys or bad boys… every interested person gets married at some point.

That would have put paid to the unnecessarily hyped marriage expectations in a society like ours where it is obviously a big deal. But, hey, it is apparently not enough that you’ll marry at some point. You have to do it on time.

Good girls should marry as soon as possible!!

It is an obvious sentiment to be gleaned off societal behaviours – many women desire to get married as soon as possible; to be called Mrs, to settle down, have lovely kids and do all the cute homely things people love to do.

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If you have been sold on that belief, it is time to snap out of it. There’s no such thing as ‘good girls’ marrying before ‘bad girls.’

Our Parents lied to us about Marriage

Your Parents must have tried to sell you that traditional idea that unless you were literally homely in that ludicrous sense of being within your gates all the time, no one would marry you.

They make you believe that if you like partying and basically doing stuff that translate to enjoying your youth, men will not be interested in you.

Women are held back through out their early socialisation process largely due to the fear that if they are allowed too much freedom they will misuse it and somehow end up pregnant.

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That was the way they knew to go about upbringing. And boy, were they brutish enforcers of that system!

In Conclusion

It’s time to get out and live your best life, too, and when you meet Mr. Right [and Mrs Right] in the process, you’d know you’ve won in more ways than one

You can have both. You can have all the traits your ideal man wants in a dream woman and still be reasonably outgoing, friendly, able to hold decent conversations and handle yourself in social situations. 

What do you think about this? Kindly drop a comment below.

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